Bike holidays across Prekmurje


All the guides have a “MTB guide” national license.


Every tour can be adjusted, so that it fits your wishes and abilities.


We will take you around and show you the most beautiful natural plains and hills of this region.


Taste the local cuisine, offered by carefully selected restaurants.


🚩 Moravske Toplice

Energy route among vineyards

Enjoy the warm embrace of vineyards and taste the chocolate masterpieces that will bring a smile to your face.

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🚩 Moravske Toplice

Under the treetops to old trades

Learn about old trades from Prekmurje and feel the freedom under the treetops.

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🚩 Murska Sobota

Boating route by the Mura river

Experience the life in the past of local people by the Mura river and find out what they are up to today.


A multi-day cycling experience

Do you want an active vacation with our team in the land of thermal water? This is the reason why we created our weekend packages. In the next three days, you will get to know the mysterious Prekmurje region which will enchant you so much, that you'll be returning year after year.


Why explore with us?


The name “Ride Goričko” joins young and experienced guides with “tour cycling guide” national licenses. We all grew up among natural beauties of hilly Goričko and plain Prekmurje, which means that we are locals and are very familiar with hidden paths that you won’t be able to find on the map. Our tours are customized for families, experienced cyclists, adrenaline junkies and we also take care of bigger groups (team building). All of our tours are adjusted according to your physical fitness.

We prepare the whole adventure, so you don't have to worry or plan anything. We organize an experience that will impress anyone. With our help, you will be able to discover hidden spots with gorgeous views, get to know the past and present lifestyle of local people, as well as taste the local delicacies – all in an active and fun way. You will ride along inspiring cycling routes, from which 70 % of them are located in pure nature.

All you have to do is trust us and just enjoy.

What our customers say

"A hidden gem of mountain biking in this little country!"
Jason K.
Cardiff - WAL
"A must experience if you ever travel to Slovenia!"
Heather M.
Ardechvie - SCT
"Fantastic guides, beautiful scenery and amazing food."
Andreas O.
Lillehammer - NOR
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The region, which is spread out on an area of the former Pannonian Sea. Small, yet so big. The Prekmurje plain and Goričko with its elevated hills have countless tourist attractions. This region has always been a bit secluded from other parts of Slovenia. In a way, this is what makes it even more unique and mysterious. It is characterized by religious diversity, rich history and a distinct dialect, which is spoken by the most generous and kind people. Everywhere you go, you can feel the strong sense of history.

Goričko also has the largest castle in Slovenia. In the village, where the castle is located, there used to be the last active volcano in this area. On one part of the volcano’s crater, there is an adventure park, which is a special experience for the whole family. Since 2003, Goričko is protected and known as a “landscape park” and it is also a part of the Natura 2000 network, which combines special protection areas and therefore helps with the protection of rare and endangered species and their living spaces.

In the far northeast, there is a tripoint called “Tromejnik” that also has a monument, which marks the border between Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. In the past, the border with neighbouring countries was a part of the Iron Curtain that divided Europe into two parts.

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Murska Sobota is one of the biggest cities in Prekmurje and offers several cultural and natural monuments. The second biggest city is Lendava, which is known for its vineyards and wine. In 2015, the Vinarium tower, which is also called “The Pannonian lighthouse”, was built in the middle of Lendava hills. It enables visitors to get a view of the four countries, which is a really special experience. A place called Moravske toplice is located in the very heart of Prekmurje. In the thermal park, waves of the Pannonian Sea are still smashing, and the healing and refreshing black thermo-mineral water has had a beneficial effect on visitors for more than 50 years.

Prekmurje – a cyclists’ paradise.


If you have any questions or special requests don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try to prepare you an unforgettable experience.