sightseeing with the lord

Team building in Prekmurje

Cycling with e-bikes

Did you know that we boast the largest castle in Slovenia, which has a total of 365 rooms? Right there, our cycling journey begins and ends. The route winds past the most famous corners of Goričko. By a natural spring of mineral water, we recharge with energy and ascend to the highest peak with a tower. This tower provides a wonderful view of the Ledava Valley and neighboring Austria. Embraced by the forests, we continue along the Border Guard Trail, which in the past divided two different worlds. Crossing the intersection of Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary, we return to the lord's throne along the valley.

Duration: cca. 5 hours
Suitable for 8-20 people
Tour highlights

The team-building activity will begin with the distribution of electric bikes and helmets. The guide will explain the course of the activity and remind everyone of the rules that need to be followed during the activity. We will then embark on a cycling adventure, enriched by local attractions during the stops. Guides are local individuals who know their terrain very well, so your colleagues will learn a lot about the region. The pace depends on the abilities of the participants and is always adapted accordingly. In addition to stops at local attractions, we will also not forget about 'refreshment' breaks. Finally, we can spice up the end with lunch, as agreed in advance.

Tour information
Location: Castle in Goričko
Start: agreed-upon beforehand
Duration: cca. 5 hours
Season: Throughout the entire year**
Category: E-MTB
Lenght: 36 km
Ascents: 580 hm
Fitness level: Easier
Skill level: Basic
69€ / person
Included in the tour
Mandatory equipment
Additional options
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