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idyllic goričko

This scenic route meanders through the quintessential landscapes of Goričko, set in the pristine wilderness of the Natural Park. Surrounded by meadows and hugged by dense forests, the path also skirts around lush vineyards, marking the starting point of our exploration. Close to the Marof estate, celebrated for its storied past and exquisite wines, our journey takes us forward. We encounter a historical marker in the village of Ženavlje, commemorating the landing site of a balloon in the early 20th century. Tracing the path of the erstwhile Iron Curtain, we climb towards the lookout post in Čepinci. This route prompts reflection on a time when barbed wire barriers obstructed simple acts of friendship, restricting access to neighbors just a stone's throw away.

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69€ / Person (E-Bike included)

Price without e-bike rental: 39€ / person.

Tour information
Start/Finish: Winery Marof - Mačkovci
Start: 9:00*
Duration: cca. 5 hours
Season: Saturdays and Sundays between April and November
Category: Treking/MTB
Lenght: 43 km
Ascents: 540 hm
Fitness level: Moderate (with e-bike easier)
Skill level: Basic
Suitable for e-bike: Yes

*The start time may change depending on weather conditions.
Included in the tour
Mandatory equipment
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