Energy route among vineyards

  • Lake Bukovnica
  • Energy points
  • Plečnik's church
  • Energised natural water spring
  • Chocolate pralines
  • Vinotoč Urisk
  • Tradicionalno prekmursko kosilo


Time on bike
Tour duration

the tour includes

  • Organizacijo in vodenje ture z lokalnim turno kolesarskim vodnikom.
  • Possibility of a guided tour in Slovene, English or German language.
  • Visit of cultural and natural sights.
  • Predstavitev čokoladnice in degustacijo pralinejev.
  • Degustacija raznih vin v najstarejši kleti Prekmurja.
  • Culinary experience, chosen by you before the trip.
Fitness level
Skill level
Hardest ascent
Hardest descent

Mandatory equipment
Čelada, izpravno kolo, zadostna količina pijače. Nudimo možnost najema kolesa (12€), e-kolesa (25€) in čelade (3€).


“Energy route among vineyards” is a route that is filled with natural and cultural sights in this wonderful, yet a bit forgotten region in Slovenia. You will be able to see the masterpiece of a well-known Slovene architect that stands proudly in the middle of the Prekmurje plain. We will make a stop at the traditional Pannonian house called “cimprača”, which is made from wood, mud and straw. It is located in the middle of vineyards and has a magnificent view over the Pannonian plane. We will get a chance to relax by the calming water sounds of the Bukovnica lake and fill ourselves with positive energy by the energy points. We will make a sip or two of the water filled with energy, which also has several healing effects. The local people still perform different kinds of activities that are somehow connected with the past. At a vintage homestead, you will be able to look at some products that were made with the help of diligent hands and a lot of love. You will get a chance to try the magical chocolate pralines that are made in the local chocolate shop. Traditional local lunch will be the perfect ending to this recreational adventure.

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